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ICM Jindřichův Hradec NGO

Main activities of ICM Jindřichův Hradec NGO is a regular year-round activity in the field of working with organized and unorganized children and young people, formal and occasional education of youth and adult citizens of the Czech Republic and the EU, information and counselling service for minors and free-time activities for children and youth. 

Institute for Politics and Society

Institute for Politics and Society is the most active political think-tank in Czech Republic. The mission of the Institute is to cultivate the Czech political and public sphere through professional and open discussion. Institute aims to create a living platform that defines problems, analyzes them, and offers recipes for their solution in the form of cooperation with experts, politicians, international conferences, seminars, public discussions, and political and social analysis available to the whole of Czech society. They believe that open discussion with experts and the recognition of the causes of problems is a necessary presumption for any successful solution to the political and social problems facing society today. 


Republikon is a liberal think tank organization based in Budapest. Independent from any political party but committed to democratic values, tolerance, and the construction of a more open society. It is the mission of Republikon to articulate new ideas, to find ways of making the values of liberal democracy, human rights and tolerance more popular and to contribute to any future coalition between parties, civil organisations and NGOs critical of the authoritarian tendencies visible in Hungary. Our experts are professionals in political science, economy, sociology, international relations, education and communication and are dedicated to work for the aims of the Institute – some of them doing it also as active members of civil organisations. The organisation is involved in policy researches and it is focusing on initiating projects that contribute to a more open, democratic and free society. It started a regular public opinion survey program in 2015. The Institute also conduct focus groups on a regular basis. Republikon also organizes regular events Europe-wide, where Hungarian and international experts share their results and opinions on current topics. The organization is member of several European organizations active in public policy issues. Republikon has taken part in several EU-level projects in diverse fields so it has conducted a number of programs relevant for this project: researches on situation of minorities, integration of underprivileged groups, and organizing conferences, workshops about migration crisis, populism, radicalism and protection of human rights 

The Women’s Initiative of Novi Sad

The Women’s Initiative of Novi Sad was established for the first time in May 2010 as an informal group made up of students who were socially active at the time and worked through various youth, civic and student organizations, as well as through student and youth representative bodies. The main objectives of the organization are: 

  • Active work in the field of raising the level of civic awareness 
  • Encouraging women to actively participate in society 
  • Developing women’s cooperation and providing conditions for participation in decision-making through a sustainable institutional framework, based on the needs of women and in partnership with women 
  • Providing healthy living and social conditions for the upbringing and upbringing of children 
  • Developing a system of informing women at all levels and in all areas 
  • Ensuring the exercise of the right to equal opportunities for all women in society, in particular women living in harsh conditions and particularly vulnerable women 
  • Improving the living conditions of vulnerable social groups 
  • Improving opportunities for quality leisure time for women Preservation of traditional values, old crafts, homemade craftsmanship and hand crafts 
  • Developing, promoting, encouraging and stimulating employment, self-employment and women’s entrepreneurship 
  • Improving conditions for the safe life of women and children 
  • Preservation and promotion of the health of women and children, reduction of risks and leading health disorders and development of health care tailored to women and children 
  • Empowering women for initiatives and activities that are in line with the basic goals of sustainable development 
  • Advocacy for the protection of basic rights and freedoms in order to improve the standard of living  
  • Advocacy for the protection of nature and a healthy environment 
Aleksandra Rak
Project Manager

Akademia Liderek Biznesu
V4+ Academy of Young Business Women Leaders