Fundacja Lesława Pagi

What we do

Our activities consist of:

  • Organizing and implementing our complex programs composed of education, development, and mentoring in areas such as finances, power engineering, health care, and health prophylaxis, innovations and technology, self and professional development, supporting entrepreneurship of the youth, promoting diversity, and equalizing opportunities.
  • Awarding once-a-year Index Start2Star scholarships for exceptionally talented students in their last year of secondary school.
  • Creating opportunities for the beneficiaries to enhance their leadership abilities, deepening their interests and broadening their knowledge as well as building their professional skills.
  • Giving a chance for our Foundation’s Alumni to participate in voluntary work dedicated to promoting knowledge, equalization of opportunities, and empowering international cooperation.
  • Publication of reports on subjects within the areas associated with the Foundation’s activities.
  • Organizing conferences and closed theme meetings with Polish business leaders.
  • Promoting talented university students and graduates as well as high school students among business representatives.
  • Empowering entrepreneurship among young adults under the age of 35.
  • Engaging in cross-generational dialogue and knowledge exchange through organizing workshop meetings.
  • Granting Lesław A. Paga award since 2005 which is dedicated to businessmen, economic activists, and public institutions who manage to take bold decisions, think ahead, and make sure their activities comply with ethical principles.
  • Cooperation with Polish and foreign universities, high schools, institutions, and social organizations operating within the scope of the Foundation’s goals.

The Foundation's ambition

  • Building a social cooperation model which truly and effectively connects our Alumni through expert exchange and support on a personal, relational, and cross-generational level.
  • Educating and forming an elite of leaders, who are aware of attitudes, and given the right tools, actively participate in their environment and participate in initiating change.
  • Recruitment that provides an elite approach to our programs,
  • Speaking out on important social issues and conducting activities to spread and promote knowledge,
  • Within our core programs, we set a goal to educate over 100 leaders annually.
  • To ensure a high level of candidates, we gather a sufficient number of exceptional applications while maintaining an elite approach to our programs.
  • Speaking out on socially important issues and conducting activities to promote knowledge, equal opportunities and fight against social exclusion
  • Monitoring beneficiaries’ needs while creating programs and initiatives – creating optimal forms from the perspective of addressing target groups’ needs (using professional strategic consulting services of Bain & Company Poland)
  • Constructing networking, mentoring, and „camaraderie” activities for the Alumni community and developing international cooperation.
  • Organizing Foundation’s Voluntary Work to build a community of people who are active outside of work and to support the next generations of Participants of the Foundation’s programs in promotion of values.
  • Shaping young people’s attitudes and models by indicating the role of business visionaries in the Polish economy by awarding the prestigious Lesław A. Paga Award (since 2005 we have awarded 13 statuettes).

The Foundation's market vantage

  • Our Foundation is one of the longest operating private, non-governmental educational organizations. 
  • We specialize in conducting educational solutions dedicated to a specified group of beneficiaries. We offer complex recommendations in the aspect of building human resources and addressing the CSR strategy.
  • Our beneficiaries consist of students finishing their bachelor’s degree or currently studying for a master’s degree, as well as our Contributors, our Alumni, and people from groups with unequal opportunities such as women or seniors. 
  • Our programs concentrate on topics regarding the financial market, energy technology, health care, innovation, supporting diversity, and strengthening abilities of different social groups.
  • We operate domestically, at the same time identifying international project opportunities. Our main contributors are companies from the industries associated with our programs/initiatives, particularly ones that correlate with our Alumni.
  • Within the confines of our programs addressed to the target groups we search for grants that will enable international cooperation and take action in pro-social activities to spread knowledge and equalize social conditions. 
  • In our actions, we engage the widest possible group of our Alumni, both recently graduated from our programs and those from older editions of the programs/initiatives.
  • We create strong and lasting relationships with our Partners to cooperatively expand the quality of our initiatives.


The Foundation’s Mentor Academy prepares Alumni to serve as BUSINESS MENTORS, in the organizations they work for or of their own.


Lesław A. Paga Award is an honorary distinction which is a form of commemoration of our Patron Lesław A. Paga and his work.


Organizing and realizing educational, development, and mentoring programs in various areas of the economy.