Academy of Energy – XI Edition

Academy of Energy - XI Edition

Academy of Energy is an educational program aimed at individuals who bind their professional future to the energy industry. The Academy’s goal is to create a platform for an exchange of knowledge between professionals with many years of experience in the energy industry and people who are just starting their professional career path in this sector. After finishing the program participants are given a chance where they can obtain a 2-month, paid internship in one of our Partners’ companies.

Program’s formula

Academy of Energy is an intensive knowledge course about the energy sector for Participants who treasure the value of teamwork and understand the fact that business is based on good relations and engagement. Within the confines of the program we offer:

    • Workshops conducted by specialists and experts on the topics of energy services market, new technologies, and soft skills. During the workshops, the Participants obtain practical knowledge about the way of working in the energy sector.
    • Leadership meetings – unofficial, semi formal gatherings with the most interesting personalities in the Polish energy industry, leaders of business, as well as Alumni of the program.
    • Case study – basis of the Academy, our case studies combine issues in the field of energy technology, environmental protection, management, law, and economy.
    • The final of the program, during which the Participants have the opportunity to present their designed solutions to the case studies in front of an expert panel composed of representatives from our Partners’ companies.
    • Internships as a culmination of the whole program

Who we are looking for:

  • College students and graduates of the following degree courses: law, finances, economy, transport, journalism, international relations, environmental protection as well as students of technical universities;
  • College students and graduates who at the day of application at the latest started their II year of college and are under 27 years of age;
  • People who bind their professional future to the energy industry, and want to grow further in this area;
  • People who by pursuing their professional goals, act in the common good;
  • People who are ready to share responsibility for the future of the next generation.

How to become a Participant?

Application to the programs consists of III stages:

  1. Fill out the application form (you can find it on our site available from April 18, 2022, to June 2, 2022!
  2. Complete the knowledge test! The knowledge is to check your skills of thinking under the pressure of time.
  3. Take part in a qualifying interview!

Only the top 30 candidates will qualify for the program!

About the program - the theme and scope of this year’s edition

The end of the year 2021 was a period full of turmoil in global energy markets. Rapid recovery of the market after the restrictions that COVID-19 caused, disrupted global supply chains, and a chase to obtain climatic neutrality caused abrupt price increases of energy commodities which planted chaos in the economic life of Europe, the United States, and China. Poland, as one of the countries most dependent on high-carbon energy sources, is faced with the difficult decision to choose a strategy that is optimal on the road to climate neutrality without falling for rushing inflation and economic collapse. What will we base our future on? Atom? Gas? Wind? Sun? Or maybe we should stick to carbon? Regardless, each scenario must provide us with energy security. Therefore, the 11th edition of the Academy of Energy program will be held under the phrase:

„Will we run out of energy? On energy security in the era of transformation.”

Classes held by the experts on the subjects will address topics including:

  • Energy transition in legal terms [module scope: Fit for 55 Packet, Green Deal, Taxonomy of UE, EU ETS]
  • Investment processes in energy technology [module scope: legal regulations in RES investments, legal regulations applicable to investments in gas and nuclear power plants, URE auction system, capacity market]
  • Energy market and commodities supply chains in the power industry [module scope: electricity market, gas market, oil market, European emissions trading system, hedging]
  • Power system [module scope: transmission system operation, RES generation (offshore/onshore, PV) nuclear power plants (SMR and big atom), gas power plants, energy storage facilities, system balancing]

Program schedule

    • March – June 2022 – nationwide promotion of the program
    • April 18 – June 2, 2022 – opening of the application form (1st stage of recruitment)
    • June 21, 2022 – the results of the 1st stage of the recruitment
    • June – July 2022 – interview and test (2nd and 3rd stage of recruitment)
    • July 8, 2022 – the results: determining the final group of Participants
    • September 8 – November 6, 2022 – classes
    • November 9, 2022 – the final of the Academy, live in Warsaw

Class schedule*

  • 09.2022 – 11.09.2022 (in-person)
  • 09.2022 – 25.09.2022 (remote)
  • 10. 2022 – 09.10.2022 (remote)
  • 10.2022 – 23.10. 2022 (in-person)
  • 11.2022 – 6.11.2022 (remote)

Classes will be carried out in a hybrid form. Some of the meetings will be held remotely, and some in-person in Warsaw.

*Due to the current epidemic state caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizer reserves the right to change the mode to fully remote, in a case where the conduct of in-person classes would be unsafe or in the event of introducing restrictions on the organization of training.

Why you should participate in the Academy of Energy program

  • You will learn about the energy industry in Poland from market leaders’ perspectives, with whom you will have the opportunity to analyze the most interesting issues in the energy sector, search for practical solutions to current problems, and practice implementation working on specific cases prepared by our Partners’ companies.
  • You will gain the chance of a paid internship or junior position in our Partners’ companies related to the energy sector.
  • You will broaden your perspective on the development of your career path.
  • You will meet people who are as ambitious as you and join an exclusive community of Lesław A. Paga Foundation – you will have the opportunity to get involved in the organization of the future editions of the Academy’s program and many other Foundation activities in different areas.
  • You will spend an intensive two months integrating with Foundation Participants and Alumni and form relationships and friendships that will last for years to come.

Photos from the final of the previous edition


Recruitment starts soon!

Program Coordinator:

Angelika Cieśla