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About Us

Our Foundation is one of the longest operating private, non-governmental educational organizations. We specialize in conducting educational solutions dedicated to a specified group of beneficiaries. We offer complex recommendations in the aspect of building human resources and addressing the CSR strategy.

The Foundation creates and coordinates programs combining science and business communities in response to the constantly changing labor market while other educational programs struggle to keep up with it.

Our beneficiaries consist of students finishing their bachelor’s degree or currently studying for a master’s degree, as well as our Contributors, our Alumni, and people from groups with unequal opportunities such as women or seniors. Our programs concentrate on topics regarding the financial market, energy technology, health care, innovation, supporting diversity, and strengthening abilities of different social groups. Our main contributors are companies from the industries associated with our programs/initiatives, particularly the ones that correlate with our Alumni.

Within the confines of our programs addressed to the main groups we search for grants that will enable international cooperation and take action in pro-social activities to spread knowledge and equalize social conditions. In our actions, we engage the widest possible group of our Alumni, both recently graduated from our programs and those from older editions of the programs/initiatives.

Program participants have the opportunity to obtain an internship in our partner companies.

We create strong and lasting relationships with our Partners to cooperatively expand the quality of our initiatives.

What determines the Foundation’s strength is the preparation for civic life, building a community of young adults who value bonds and sharing thoughts.

That is why the Foundation’s role is to guide – leading the different development paths with the respect for diversity. Through participating in our programs, voluntary works, and minority activities Alumni become acquainted with the existence of a world beyond what they had known, a world beyond their environment – college and labor market.

The Foundation offers training, education, and mentoring programs for college students and graduates, as well as students and teachers of secondary schools. Foundation’s activity areas consist of the financial market (ALRK Leader Academy), energy technology (Academy of Energy), health care (Healthcare Leaders), innovations (Young Innovators), and supporting and strengthening abilities of different social groups (Business Women Leaders Academy, Lublin Agents of Social Change, Seniors 4.0).

Lesław A. Paga Foundation’s Alumni are independent people who don’t give up passively into patterns and are looking for their individual paths. The program participants bring sensitivity, energy, and ideas into the world.

Foundation re-establishes work ethos – solidarity, conscientiousness, integrity with the respect for it. Work is viewed as a value in itself, a privilege and a task, and therefore a responsibility. Today, the Foundation is a community of five thousand Alumni (Pagans as we like to call them) who can base their work on a solid foundation – values.

Our mission

Our mission is to create a school of life for young people with the courage and ambition to change the world for the better.
The Foundation is a missing link in education with an aim to educate and to help in the process of self-development. Our main goal is to search for solutions that not only develop substantive knowledge but also build a moral backbone on which everybody bases their life.
„I had a dream…”

We believe that individual work on oneself allows us to stop, leads out of the constant rush, and gives wings.

Holistic perception of life

We are a part of a greater whole and if we live in harmony with all that surrounds us, we add ourselves to what is greater than us, consequently building a value that changes the world.

Willpower is the strength of character

We accept a life that consists of various experiences, both pleasant and unpleasant. Life is a case study and the willingness to start from the beginning and follow your own path. Your strength is not defined by how many times you have fallen, rather how many times you have lifted yourself up.


Life can not be programmed. We have the right to be weak and to pursue our own path in life. No matter what situation, authenticity finds a way to cope with life. It reaches within us for wisdom and never manipulates or escapes reality. Authenticity makes demands on itself.


Working on yourself makes the brain stay young, gives wings, and leads out of the constant rush of today’s world. Development is constantly asking yourself a question „what really is the best for us and our environment?”. We won’t be able to always change the circumstances of our actions but we will always be able to change ourselves.

Work and responsibility

We treasure work as a value and we believe that business must above all serve people. By work, we mean an exchange of goods.

Responsibility means an inner understanding of the necessity of the actions taken and anticipating their consequences.

Responsible work is work that contributes to the better future of the whole ecosystem. Freedom is a responsibility.

Courage is curiosity and empathy

For a better understanding of reality, you must be willing to uncover the world from a different perspective than the one you are looking currently through. That is why we do not fear to ask difficult questions, we are not afraid to doubt, we do not dread talking about important topics. Not all who wander are lost – courage is the ability to negate the existing order of things.