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We understand what social responsibility is, and we feel the importance of the revolutionary change in business. We perceive the world holistically, and as a part, we contribute to the change before our eyes. We are dreamers.

We want to be wise and conscious guides for our Alumni. We recognize the needs of young adults, and we know how everlasting growth is key to them. That is why we derive from this knowledge by preparing appropriate educational programs. We follow and actively implement trends into our programs. We broaden the horizons ourselves and strive to ensure that what we do expresses the idea of diversity, responsibility, and cross-generational knowledge exchange.

Marta Płowiec

Board Member for Operational Matters

ALRK Leader Academy
Online School Stock Market Game
Foundation’s Alumi

Tomasz Kaczmarczyk

Office Manager

Office management
Cooperation with subcontractors
Assistant to the President of the Board

Angelika Cieśla

Project Manager

Academy of Energy
Healthcare Leaders

Paulina Paga

Social Programs Research Coordinator

Index Start2Star
Seniors 4.0
Social research

Aleksandra Rak

Project Manager

V4+ Academy of Young Business Women Leaders
Business Women Leaders Academy

Pola Wiza


Program Coordinators’ support