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About Us

Our Foundation is one of the longest operating private, non-governmental educational organizations. 

We specialize in conducting educational solutions dedicated to a specified group of beneficiaries.
We offer complex recommendations in the aspect of building human resources and addressing the CSR strategy.

Our beneficiaries consist of students finishing their bachelor’s degree or currently studying for a master’s degree, as well as our Contributors, our Alumni, and people from groups with unequal opportunities such as women or seniors. 

Our programs concentrate on topics regarding the financial market, energy technology, health care, innovation, supporting diversity, and strengthening abilities of different social groups.

Our mission

Our mission is to create a school of life for young people with the courage and ambition to change the world for the better.

Ewa Paga

The President of the Board about herself

“My life and my husband’s career are proof that it could be otherwise.”


Voluntary work

our Alumni activities

The Foundation’s volunteering aims to build awareness of mutual help and development, to build a community of people active outside of work, and to support future generations of the Foundation’s programs participants in passing on knowledge, promoting universal values and pro-social attitudes.



our Alumni development

The Mentor Academy prepares Foundation’s Alumni for the role of BUSINESS MENTORS in their own or external organizations.



Lesław A. Paga Award

The award is given once a year to entrepreneurs, economic and public activists, or institutions who are dynamic, effective in action, reliable, and represent the highest ethical and professional standards.




  • (…)is, above all, incredibly inspiring people. It is a community which gathers ambitious and outstanding people, moreover – friends for years. As an ALRK Alumna, I belong to the group of leaders who make up the Polish capital market and whose common thread is the motto “#jestemzpagi” (#imfrompaga). It is this community that provides the greatest value from participating in ALRK for me.

    Anna Kaźmierczak, XV edition of ALRK
  • (…)is to enter an amazing community of people who expect a lot from each other. For me, the greatest value was the opportunity to learn about the development paths of Alumni and business leaders from different areas. (…) The people who make up this community not only have amazing achievements but also are good and helpful people with whom, as participants, you will build relationships for years to come. (…)

    Jakub Erdman, XV edition of ALRK
  • The Foundation is a lot of new opportunities. Opportunities of gaining knowledge, career development, as well as establishing social relations. It is not solely about the Academies or the Programs, rather the Community. The Community, I joined thanks to the Foundation, gave and still gives me a lot of strength, energy, and motivation to act. I am eager to share my knowledge and learn from the experience of other participants. I have met many interesting and inspiring people, I have made friendships that have lasted for many years and throughout this time I have felt great support, which is incredible and difficult to find today. Joining this group was one of my best decisions in recent years.

    Aleksandra Bencal, III edition of ALB
  • Business Women Leaders Academy is a group of ambitious, brilliant, and inspiring women. It is also workshops, meetings with leaders, and mentoring program, which provides young women with a substantial dose of motivation to act and take challenges. The Academy is a great opportunity to gain courage, self-confidence, and belief that the best version of yourself is you right now.

    Aleksandra Stępniewicz
    Law graduate at the University of Warsaw
  • Participation in the Business Women Leaders Academy allowed me to better understand the rules in business, opened me up to new experiences, and above all, was a drive for further development. I see the main value of the program in the diversity of the participants, who at the same time made up a well-coordinated and effectively working team. The Academy was a place where I could develop not only through a series of professional training and workshops but also through the exchange of experiences with other participants and through meetings with leaders of a variety of industries who inspired me to take action.

    Agnieszka Górecka
    Law student at the University of Warsaw
  • To become a business leader you have to get on the right path and take the first step. Not doing so leads to stagnation, which every day moves us further away from our goals and dreams. For me, the Business Women Leaders Academy is a program full of inspiration and bits of advice from people who have already made it to the places I am headed.

    Małgorzata Masłyk
    Trainee lawyer at Höpken & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB
  • The Foundation is not for people looking for a positive entry in their CV, but a home for people who believe in higher purposes. It is a sanctuary for people who not only believe that a personal career is key, but who also value participation in community life. Thanks to the Foundation you can build bridges and have an impact on the reality of people around you – and it has been happening for 17 years!

    Damian Polok
    Vice President, Silicon Valley Bank Germany, Curator Frankfurt of Global Shapers Community, Initiative of World Economic Forum

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